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Approved vegetable seed suppliers

Vegetable seeds for sowing (except maize, sweetcorn).

Only from approved seed suppliers in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand or the USA listed below except cucurbit seed from Asia, Europe and the USA.

Approved Seed Suppliers:


Arthur Yates Ltd

New World Seeds Pty Ltd

South Pacific Seeds

Bejo Seeds

Northrup KWG

Southern Cross Seeds

Colgrave Seeds

Rijk Zwaan


Henderson seeds

Royston Petrie Seed

Terranova Australia

Lefroy Valley seeds

S & G Seeds




Syngenta India

Indo-American Hybrid Seeds India

L.J. International Ltd.



Dai Ichi Seed Co Ltd

Kaneko Seed Co Ltd

Takii & Co Ltd

Fujita Seed Co

Nozaki Saishujo

Tokita Seed Co

Kadoya Co

Sakata Seed Corp

Watanabe Seed Co Ltd

Kanda Seed Co Ltd

Takada Seed Co



New Zealand

Peter B Dow & Co

Seminis Vegetable Seeds NZ Ltd

Yates New Zealand Ltd

Excel Seed NZ Ltd

South Pacific Seeds (NZ) Ltd

Terranova NZ

Kings Herb Seeds

Watkins New Zealand Ltd



South Korea

Nongwoo Bio Co, Ltd.



Chia Tai Seeds Company Ltd, 295-303 Sonsga wad Road, Bangkok 10100, Thailand



AVRDC(Asia Vegetable Research Development Center)

Know You Seed co., Ltd. 26,Chung Cheng Second Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Abbot & Cobb

Dessrt’s Cal seed

Johnny’s Seeds

Alf Christianson Seed Co

Environmental Seed Producers

Nicklows Seeds

Asgrow Seed Co

Ferry Morse Seed

Pan American Seed

Bakker Bros of Idaho

Goldsmith Seeds


Ball Seed Corporation

Harris Moran Seeds

Rogers Bros Seed

Bodger Seed Ltd

California Breeding Institution

Seeds by Design Inc

Burpee Seeds

Horace Anderson Seeds

Shamrock Seed Co Inc


Illinois Seed Foundation

Sun Seeds



  1. Seeds must be in commercial, hermetically sealed packs from approved suppliers.
  2. Each type of seed must be clearly identified on the packet with its botanical name.  Numbering or coding of packets is acceptable, provided an accompanying list is provided linking this to the botanical name.
  3. No Import Permit is required for vegetable seed consignments totaling less than 250gms.
  4. An Import Permit is required for all other seed consignments, including ornamentals, and vegetable seed consignments totaling more than 250gms.


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