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Definition of terms - Animals and animal products

Acceptable risk, a risk level judged by the Solomon Islands Government to be compatible with the protection of animal, plant and public health in Solomon Islands.

Approved, means approved by the Director of Biosecurity.

Cooked, means having undergone a process of boiling, roasting, baking or some other heat treatment at a temperature/time combination that ensures that any pests present will be killed.

Dried, means the removal of product moisture content to less than 25% by a heating/drying process.

Freeze Dried, means the product is rapidly frozen and maintained until the final product moisture content is not more than 2%. 

Fresh Meat, means meat that has not been subjected to any treatment irreversibly modifying its organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics. This includes frozen meat, chilled meat, minced meat and mechanically recovered meat.

Frozen, means having been subject to freezing until the core temperature has been held at (or below) -18 OC for a minimum of 7 days.

Hatching Eggs, means fertilised bird eggs, suitable for incubation and hatching.

Meat, means all edible parts of an animal.

Meat Products, means meat that has been subjected to a treatment irreversibly modifying its organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics.

Official Veterinarian, means a veterinarian authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to perform certain designated official tasks associated with animal health inspections and inspections of commodities. 

Poultry, means all domesticated birds, including backyard poultry, used for the production of meat or eggs for consumption, for the production of other commercial products, for restocking supplies of game, or for breeding these categories of birds, as well as fighting cocks used for any purpose.

Birds that are kept in captivity for any reason other than those reasons referred to in the preceding paragraph, including those that are kept for shows, races, exhibitions, competitions or for breeding or selling these categories of birds as well as pet birds, are not considered to be poultry.

Processed, means having undergone one of the following treatments: Canned, cooked, dried, freeze dried, so as to render the product non-viable and destroy any animal pests that may be present. 


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