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Definition of terms - Plants and plant products

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Approved, means approved by the Director of Biosecurity. Cooked, means having undergone a process of boiling, roasting, baking or some other heat treatment at a temperature/time combination that ensures that any pests present will be killed. Dried, means the removal of product...

Definition of terms - Animals and animal products

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Acceptable risk, a risk level judged by the Solomon Islands Government to be compatible with the protection of animal, plant and public health in Solomon Islands. Approved, means approved by the Director of Biosecurity. Cooked, means having undergone a process of boiling, roasting, baking or...

Approved vegetable seed suppliers

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Vegetable seeds for sowing (except maize, sweetcorn). Only from approved seed suppliers in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand or the USA listed below except cucurbit seed from Asia, Europe and the USA. Approved Seed Suppliers: Australia...

What is the SPS agreement?

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The SPS Agreement is essentially about health (human, animal and plant) and international trade. The SPS Agreement recognises the need for WTO members to protect themselves from the risks posed by the entry of pests and diseases, but also seeks to minimise any negative effects of SPS measures on trade.

List of prohibited plants

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These Plants are Prohibited from Entry into Solomon Island. There are severe penalties for bringing any one of these plants into the country or for maintaining them.

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