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Definition of terms - Plants and plant products

Approved, means approved by the Director of Biosecurity.

Cooked, means having undergone a process of boiling, roasting, baking or some other heat treatment at a temperature/time combination that ensures that any pests present will be killed.

Dried, means the removal of product moisture content to less than 25% by a heating/drying process.

Freeze Dried, means the product is rapidly frozen and maintained until the final product moisture content is not more than 2%.

Frozen, means having been subject to freezing until the core temperature has been held at (or below) -18 OC for a minimum of 7 days, in the case of fruit fly host material, and -10OC for a minimum of 7 days, in the case of non-fruit fly host material.

Fruit Fly, means insects of the order Diptera, family Tephritidae, which belong to economically important genera such as Anastrepha, Bactrocera, Ceratitis, Dacus, Rhagoletis and Toxotrypana.

Live Plant, means any member of the plant kingdom and includes seeds, tubers, bulbs, rhizomes, shoots, suckers, cuttings, grafts, flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Pest Proof Container, means a container or device of sound durable construction which when closed eliminates the possibility of pests escaping from or entering its contents. Forms of acceptable pest proof containers are:

  • Suitably sealed, entire polythene bags within each container
  • Containers with lids that fit snugly and completely over the base, with or without aeration vents screened with mesh (mesh size 1.6 mm maximum length on the diagonal) or an equivalent material.
  • Vented containers on pallets, with the containers and pallet entirely sealed with shrink wrapping.

Pickled, means preserved in a solution, i.e. acid, alcohol, brine, and syrup.

Plant product, means any product manufactured wholly or partly from one or more plants; including

  1. plant material; and
  2. timber;

Plant Material, means any unmanufactured material of plant origin, including grain.

Plant Pest, Any species, strain or biotype of plant, animal or pathogenic agent injurious to plants or plant products.

Preserved, means having undergone one of the following treatments: Blanched, bleached, crystallised, glacéed, jellied, pickled or salted.

Processed, means having undergone one of the following treatments: Canned, cooked, dried, freeze dried, frozen, ground, heated, pureed, shredded, and/or vacuum sealed, so as to render the product non-viable and destroy any plant or animal pests that may be present.

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